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Designed and built for beginners and experts.

Access To Every Channel

Once you're in you get access to private discord channels for TikTok ads, Facebook, Google, Organic, SAAS, NFT's, etc.

Lightning Fast Monitors

Never miss a call or NFT drop again. Glitch Cord offers a collection of top-quality monitors for the most coveted things such as, stock options, NFT drops, 50% off Uber Eats orders, DFS sports betting and much more. We are constantly expanding the things we monitor.

Access To Voice Channels

In Glitch Cord we have multiple weekly calls and we have channels for people to network and share their tips. At Glitch Cord we aren't just a community, we're a family

Exclusive Information

We also have exclusive guides and tips that'll help you across your entrepreneurship journey. Every member gets access to our iconic asset sheet that has connects and information for anything you can possible need.

Step 5

24/7 Support Team

We hired the best support team in the game for Glitch Cord. They're here to help and no question is a dumb question! We want to see everybody succeed.